Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I just recently heard about the new world of warcraft DLC that is in development. Myths of Pandaria this is a very interesting idea. at first when I saw this I was like what the F**k is this.  but since I've read a little bit more about it i find it more and more appealing. I mean at first the idea of a panda in WoW is just appalling and needless to say did not sound interesting at all,  but after heard some of the features coming with the content it just makes me want to renew my WoW subscription and pick it up again.

Pokemon like battle system with the Non combat pets.
that shocked me. and i like it. who doesn't like Pokemon

the continents are being joined back together very interesting

no flying until max level. Finally.

the panda race is neutral and you can choose your faction
now this is a big one a neutral race  id like to see how this plays out

and many more features that i care not to list. (and probably dont know about)

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  1. i cant wait to know more about this :D it sounds awesome